Summary of An Inspector Calls


The Birling family are celebrating the engagement of Sheila and Gerald Birling. There are a few signs that something will go wrong (Mr Birling is anxious to impress Gerald, Eric seems rather nervous and Sheila playfully talks back to Gerald for not having come near her the previous summer) When the ladies leave the men, Mr Birling has a chat with Gerald and Eric, advising them that a man needs to look after himself. Then, the door bell rings. Inspector Goole enters.

Goole announces that he has come to investigate the suicide of a young working-class girl who died that afternoon(Eva Smith). After seeing a photograph of her, Birling admits that she used to be one of his employees. Birling justifies sacking her by saying he paid his workers the usual rates. He cannot see that he has any responsibility for what happened to her.

Sheila enters, she didn't know who Eva was at first. Goole gives her the photograph. Sheila sacked Eva from Milwards as she was jealous of her. The Inspector announces that Eva was also called Daisy Renton. Gerald


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