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  • Durkheim:
  • Studied suicide to show it could explain something as individual and psychological as this.
  • He studied the suicide states of European countries.
  • He found that the following had high rates:
  • 1. Protestants have higher rates than Jews/Catholics
  • 2. Married have higher rates than singles
  • 3.Parents have higher rates than childless adults.
  • 4.Those living in peace have higher rates than those living in war.
  • Identified 2 key factors in suicide:
  • 1. A persons level of integration in society.
  • 2. Their level of regulation.
  • Integration: Extent to which someone feels part of a community, family or society.
  • Regulation: Extent to which a person's behaviour is determined & rules by another.
  • Types of Suicide:
  • 1. Altruistic: Too much integration into society. Feel responsible for others.
  • 2. Egoistic: Too little integration into…


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