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Indicative vs. Subjunctive


v  Indicative indicates a fact and is a tense e.g. elle mange une pomme.


v  Subjunctive is a mood which introduces subjectivity, emotion and doubt. It also follows after set expressions.


Formation of present subjunctive:


v  Take ils form of indicative present tense e.g. mangent

v  Take off –ent

v  Add e/ es/ e/ ions/ iez/ ent

v  Only nous and vous form are different to the indicative present.


Common irregulars:




tu aies

il ait

nous ayons

vous ayez

ils aient


je sois

tu sois

il soit

nous soyons

vous soyez

ils soient



tu ailles

il aille

nous allions


Luke Hashman - Team GR


You say "Only nous and vous forms are different to the indicative present" but this is only the case for -er verbs; for example, the first person present subjunctive of vendre is 'je vende' whereas the indicative is 'je vends'.  Similarly for -ir verbs, the first person present subjunctive of choisir is 'je choisie' where as the indicative is 'je choisis'.  The same principle applies for the other persons of the conjugation.

Other than this, a very useful resource.



This has been really helpful thank you :)

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