Crime and deviance: Subcultural theories


Subcultural theory focus on explaining why young w/c males commit delinquent crimes in groups/gangs/subculutres.

  • Cloward and Ohlin suggest type of delinquency in crime that young involved in depends on type of illegitimate opportunity structure that exists where live 
  • 3 types: criminal, conflict, retreatist
  • Criminal subculture: young recruited by adults into gangs
  • Conflict subculture: street gangs
  • Retreatist subculture: recreational drug use
  • Cohen - young commit crime that has non-utilitarian nature (no obvious economic benefit)
  • Status frustration - youth main goal = status, middle class attain from education and cultural capital, w/c boys denied status at school, leave school w/ few/no qualifications = low self esteem and alienation = anime A.K.A status…


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