Studies for Multi-Store Model

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Case Study of Clive Wearing

After the infection Clive was left with a brain damage. He is able to talk, write and can still play music (some LTM), but he can't recall his own wedding or his wife's every day visits (but some LTM doesn't exist). Can still use STM.Also he is unable to lay down new memories, he can't read a book or newspaper (can't form new LTM)

Miller's magic 7

Measuring the immediate gigit span

Reading out the didit string of random number and asked to repeat.

Usually begins as 3 digits and steadily increases

The sequence length at which 50% of people is correct is the immediate digit span

7 +/-2

 This amount of information, chunks , words can be stored in STM 

Baddeley word-length effect on immediate digit span

  • Aim

To see if people were able to recall more short words than long words in a serial recall test and therefore show a pronunciation time. rather than the nember of items to be recalled, shows the capacity of STM

  • Procedure

The reading speed of participants was measured 

Presented with the sets of 5 words on a screen

The words were either: one-syllable or pollysylabic words

Than participants asked to write down the words in an order immediately after presentation

  • Findings 

Participants recalled considerably more short words than long words

Able to recall as many words as they could articulate in 2 seconds

Strong positive correlation between the reading speed and memory span

  • Conclusion 

Immediate memory span represents amount of items of whatever the lengtht hat can be rarticulated in approximately 2 seconds

  • Evlauation

Perhaps it is simply due to short words being


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