Structures, reactions and properties of commercially important organic compounds

  • Organic chemicals are carbon based compounds. 
  • They are compounds found in living organisms. 
  • There are diffrent families of organic compounds. 
  • These families are called homologous series. 
  • The alkanes found in crude oil are a few of the organic compounds found in teh alkane homologous series. 
  • Alkenes and alcholds are two more homologous series. 

Alkanes and alkenes 

  • Alkanes are aliphatic saturated compound hydrocarbons. 
  • They only have single bonds and only contain carbon and hydrogen atoms. 
  • Methane is an alkane. 
  • Ane means it is a alkane.
  • Meth shows how many carbons are present in the chain. 
  • Some alkanes are cyclic. 
  • They have rings of carbons. 
  • Alkenes are organic compounds containing a double bond and have the general formula Cn2H2n. 
  • They have similar names to alkanes with the same number of carbon atoms but the name ends in -ene.


  • These two forms of but-2-ene are called isomers. 
  • Isomers are two ore more compounds that have the same general formula but a different arrangement of…


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