Structure & properties


Giant ionic structures

  • Compound = a substane where the atoms of 2 or more elements are chemically combined
  • Ionic compounds have giant structures - many strong electrostatic forces hold the ions toghether
  • Have high melting points so solids @ room temp - a lot of energy needed to overcome the ionic bonds to melt the solid
  • When ionic compound melted, ions free to move -> allows them to carry electrical charge, so liquid can conduct electricity
  • Some ionic solids dissolve in water as water molecules can split up the lattice (ions free to move in solution so can also conduct electricity)
  • Therefore, ionic substances conduct electricity when molten or when dissolved in water
  • CAN NOT conduct electricity when solid as ions can only vibrate about fixed positions (can't move around)

Simple molecules

  • Atoms within a molecule are held toghether by strong covalent bonds (bonds act only between atoms…


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