Stress management

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Physiological - body - biological
Psychological - mind - cognitive, behavioural, psychodynamic

BZ's - Benzodiazephines
Increase the activity of the neurotransmitter GABA. GABA = anxiety relief that makes you feel more relaxed as it reduces the role of other neurotransmitters. Reducing serotonins = important in reducing feelings of stress and anxiety

BB's - Beta-blockers
Reduces activation of cardiovascular system. Binds cells to heart to stop chances of them being stimulated. Reduces adrenaline/nor adrenaline which decreases heart rate/blood pressure feeling calmer and less anxious

Biofeedback - physiological
Learning information about physical processes they would not usually be aware of
1- attached to a machine/monitor which gives feedback of heartrate, blood pressure, muscle tension
2- through a variety of techniques, taught how to treat symptoms. Includes muscle relaxation, meditation and breathing control exercises
3- this feeling of relaxation acts like a reward and encourages the person to repeat…


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