Stress as a bodily response A01's

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Stress = an individuals response to an unpleasent/threatening situation

Stress = a response to a stimulus (stressor) in our environment 

Stress = a mismatch between dewmands and our ability to cope with them

Two systems that react to stress in the body;

1) Sympathomedullary Pathway (subconscious response)

- Response to fight/flight

- Reaction to acute (immediate) stress

- Activates without conscious control

  • An external stressor acts on the hypothalamus
  • The hypothalamus activates the sympathetic branch of the ANS (Automatic Nervous System)
  • Stimulating the adrenal medulla 
  • The adrenal medualla releases adrenaline (hormone) and nor-adrenaline (neurotransmitter) preparing the body for a fight/flight response
  • Increasing heart rate, blood pressure and sweat gland activity

2) Pituitary-Adrenal System

- Reaction to chronic (constant) stress

- Emphasis is not on immediate survival, but on


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