Stress Management - Psychological Approach

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Meichenbaum's Stress Inoculation Therapy (SIT)

  • Conceptualisation: Identify fears and concerns with the help of a therapist.
  • Skill acquisition and rehearsal: Train to develop skills like positive thinking and relaxation in order to improve self confidene.
  • Application and follow through: Practise the newly acquired skill in real life situations with support and back up from the therapist. 

Found that SIT works for both short term stressors such as public speaking and long term stressors such as medical illness, divorce and work related stress. 

Hardiness Training

Kobasa suggests that a strong and hardy person shows 3 C's: 

Control over their lives, commitment (a sense of purpose in life) and challenge.

Maddi introduced a training programme:

  • Focusing: Learn to recognise physical symptoms e.g. increased heart rate, muscle tension and sweating. 
  • Reliving stressful encounters; Learn to analyse stressful situations to better understand possible coping strategies.
  • Self Improvement: Take on challenges that can be coped with and build confidence, thereby gaining a sense of control. 

Maddi got 54 managers who went on a hardiness training programme to report back on their


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