Strengths and Weaknessess of the Design argument

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Strengths of the Design Argument:

  • Kant - Easy and simple to understand
  • A posteriori - Everyone can understand the starting point as it is based on experience of the world.
  • Cumulative weight - The argument on it's own might not prove God but combined with others ( E.g cosmological argument ) It provides a strong foundation.
  • Beauty - Many people see the beauty in the world and infer that this shows design.
  • Science provides support to the design argument - It could be argued that scientific discoveries actually make the design argument more likely as they show how complex the world is which in turn gives us more reason to assume there has been some pre-though or design. Also, the anthropic principle argues that Evolution and The Big Bang could be part of Gods creative process.
  • No analogies - Modern versions of the argument such as Swinburnes do not use analogies and so cannot be criticised by Hume in this way.

Weaknessess of the Design Argument:

  • Kant - The argument does point to an architect of…


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