Strengths and Weaknesses to Kant

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- Kant's morality if very striaghtforward, based on reason. There are clear criteria to asses what is moral.

- The moral value of an action comes from the action itself.

- Kant's categorical Imperative gives us rules that apply to everyone and command us to respect human life, regardless of race, culture. Teaches equality.

- Aims to treat everyone equally and fairly and corrects the Utilitarian assumption that the minority can suffer so long as the majority are happy.

- It makes clear that morality if about doing ones duty and not just following feelings or inclinations which are insubstantial and changeable. This means that we cannot assume that what is good for us is morally good and so good for everyone else. This is Kant's equivalent of the Golden Rule of Christian Ethics. 

- Kant sees human life as being of intrinsic worth and dignity as they are rational creatures. Humans cannot be enslaved or exploited. This is the basis of the Universal Declaration of


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