Strengths and weaknesses of the biological approach.


One strength of the approach is that it has made a positive contribution to the understanding of human behaviours and disorders. This is a strength because it means society has benefited in that those with psychological disorders can be diagnosed more easily and treated more effectively. This means a higher quality of life can be given to those with psychological disorders. For example, a strong link between lower levels of serotonin and the occurrence of reactive unipolar depression. It is supported by the effective use of prozac, an antidepressant that encourages the production of serotonin. As a result, the symptoms of depression were reported to be reduced. Therefore, this is a strength because it helps the sufferers of depression alleviate their symptoms and lead a happier life.

Another strength is that it is based on objective data. Data is gathered from specialised equipment e.g., MRI and EEG scans, to measure the activity of the brain. This is a strength because quantitative data can be obtained to generate statistics which can be…


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