Strength and Weaknesses of the Behaviourist Approach.

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Strengths and weaknesses of the behaviourist approach.


1) It's scientific.

  • A strength because we can observe and measure behaviour - reliable results.
  • Measures (of behavioural changes) can be compared and there are controls over the studies - again studies can be replicated (done again to compare).
  • People want scientific evidence to support facts from just ideas or beliefs - Lab experiments provide this. Looks more academic and professional. 

2) Focuses on the here and now.

  • It doesn't take past experiences into account while studying behaviour. it doesn't look for any complex issues and just studies the behaviour alone. Arguably good when treating mental heath issues, so there's "no blame" to seek out.
  • As a




Excelent information, this helped a lot thank you :) x



My book was confusing me on these strengths and weaknesses! Thank you, very clear and well explained examples x



this is good but some examples of studies would be helpful :)

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