Story of the Rich Man (Mark's Gospel)

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How the costs of discipleship are shown in the rich man:

-Within the story it is clear that a disciple had to always keep the commandments. Jesus stressed this to his followers by saying to the man asking how he could enter the Kingdom of God: "you know the commandments". In order to be a follower of Jesus and enter God's Kingdom a disciple had to ensure that they always abide by the 10 commandments. 

- Jesus said that to "have riches in heaven" and be a true follower of him, a disciple was expected to "go and sell all...[they]have" and "give [it] to the poor". It is clear that a disciple had to be prepared to give away all of their riches, money and belongings in order to enter the Kingdom of God.

- A disciple could not be selfish, they had to be selfless and serve others rather than themselves. Jesus wanted his disciples to find "true greatness", but in order to do so they had to put the needs of others- "the poor"- before themselves. 

- Jesus also taught that those who are "first" "now" will be last" in the Kingdom of God and in heaven, and those "who are last" "now" "will be first" . Disciples were expected to work for the good…


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