Stopping distances

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Many factors affect your total stopping distance

1) Looking at things simply - if you need to stop in a given distance, then the faster a vehicle's going, the bigger braking force it'll need. 

2) Likewise, for any given braking force, the faster you're going, the greater your stopping distance. But in real life it's not quite that simple - if your maximum braking force isn't enough, you'll go further before you stop. 

3) The total stopping distance of a vehicle is the distance covered in the time between the driver first spotting a hazard and the vehicle coming to a complete stop. 

4) The stopping distance is the sum of the thinking distance and the braking distance. 

1) Thinking distance - "The distance the vehicle travels during the driver's reaction time".

It's affected by two main factors: 

  • How fast you're going - Whatever your reaction time, the faster you're going, the further you'll go. 
  • How dopey you are…


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