Still life at the penguin cafe: setction 1 justification

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Section 1 ' Air a Danser; Penguin Waiters' ( The Great Auk)

 The Synopsis: the 3 penguins ( the great auk species) are established as lively, playful and endaring as they waddle through the space. David Bintley reminds us that this species was extinguished by three sailors in 1844.

Action Interpretation: 

  • Glides- represent the penguin gliding along the ice or in the water
  • Waddling- represnts the movement of the penguin
  • hops/jumps/springs- could represnt the penguin hopping out the water onto the ice.
  • Stillness- could represent them looking for fish

Space Interpretration:

  • All levels used- could represent then jumping out the water, sliding along the ice on…




This was helpful to me, but do you have any other dances from this performance?

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