Stem Cells.

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Stem cells are unspecialised and can develop into any cell, these can be found:

1. In the first few days of an embryo's life.

2. In adults they're only found in a few places e.g. Bone Marrow but are limited to what they can develop into.

Differentiation is the process whereby stem cells become specialised:

In the bone marrow of an adults main bones stem cells divide and differentiate to replace erythrocytes (red blood cells) and neutrophils (infection fighting white blood cells).

In plants that are growing new shoots/stems, Cambuim contains the stem cells that differentiate into Xylem and Phloem:

1. Cambium cells divide and differentiate.

2. Over time they differentiate on either side of the Cambium into the Xylem vessels and sieve tube elements.

3. Because of the way they differentiate, Cambium forms a ring inside…


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