Stem Cells + Cell Differentiation

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Stem cell are undifferentiated cells that can specialise into any cell.

The cells in an embryo are stem cells, only in eary life.

There are some stem cells in adults, but are in limited areas e.g bone marrow, eyes, blood.
However, adult stem cells can only differentiate into related cell types, NOT ALL

Stem cells in Plants:

Cell division in plants occur at meristems.
Cells at the meristems can differentiate into any plant cell type throughout the life of the plant.
e.g in a growing shoot, new cells are developed continuously near the tip. As the cells become older, they enlarge into vacuoles.

Stem cells need to differentiate into other cells to fufill specific roles.

Meristems can be cloned. 

  • Meristemic cells are removed from the parent plant.
  • They are placed in an agar medium, which has plant…


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