Stem Cells and Differentiation

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Stem Cells

  • Multicellular organisms are made up of many different cell types that are specialised for their function. 
  • All of these cell types originally came from stem cells. 
  • Stem cells are unspecialised cells - they can develop into any type of cell. All multicellular organisms have some form of stem cells e.g. humans in early embyros and bone marrow.


  • Stem cells divide to become new cells, which then become specialised. This is called differentiation. 
  • In animals, adult stem cells are used to replace damaged cells. 
  • In plants, stem cells are found in the cambium. Stem cells in the vascular cambium differentiate to become xylem and phloem. 

Specialised Cells- Animals

Erythorocytes (red blood cells)

  • Biconcave disc


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