Stem cells


Stem cells

All cells begin as undifferentiated and originate from meiosis and mitosis. They are unspecialised and have the potential to differntiate to become any one of the range of speicialised cell types in the organism. - Undifferentiated cells are called stem cells.

  • Source of new cells necessary to growth, development and tissue repair
  • Once specialised, lose the ability to divide entering the G0 phase of the cell cycle.

If they do not divide fast enough then tissues are not efficiently replaced, leading to ageing. Uncontrolled division leads to formation of masses of cells called tumours.

Stem cell potency

potency - ability to differentiate. Greater number of cell types it can differntiate into, the greater its potency. Stem cells can differ depending on type of cell they can turn into:

  • Totipotent…


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