Staying safe online


There are many ways to stay safe online, like not telling any peronal information to people you dont know or havent met, not saving your details on a public computer, not clicking on random links on an untrusted website ect... there are lots more but heres some in detail.

If you click on a link from a website thats untrusted then you could get a virus, viruses are malicious software that are loaded onto a users computer without their knowledge. Viruses can self-replicate inserting themselves into other programs, infecting them in the process. If you get a virus enter safe mode on your pc (you can do this by turning your computer on and off again) after you enter safe mode start deleting temporary files using the Disc Cleanup Tool, download a virus scanner (if you dont already have one) once it has downloaded then you can run a virus scan, when you run a virus scan, it will scan your whole pc and detect viruses for you.

If you save your details on a public computer then you have made a huge mistake, once you save your details on a computer then they will be stored for you or anyone else at will. If you log off when you saved your details the next person who is using that computer now has your details, when they log on and if they go to a bank website the computer will ask them if they want to use your details, if they chose yes then they will be able to access…


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