Statistics T1

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Q1. Descrbe the design and the ivs

Types of experiments 
1. True: random allocation to conditions 

2. Quasi: naturally occuring groups that are randomly allocated to conditions 

3. Correlational: can't establish cause and effect because there is no manipulation of the iv

(iv) is the variable that you manipulate to see if it affects the (dv)
(dv) what you measure

RQ. Stroop experiment is interested in how fast they accurately respond. 
In this experiment the (iv) has two levels. 
- whether it's the whole word or jsut one letter (words or letter strings)
- the position of the letter (beg, mid, end) 

extraneous variables 
The extraneous variable here is the colour of the word, the oclour is not part of the iv because hte RQ (research question does not directly concern the colour of the words)

confounding variable
evolves from the extraneous variable if it affects the (dv) 

Within subjects design (WSD): all particpants…


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