States of Matter

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Materials come in three different forms- solid, liquid and gas. These are the three states of matter. Which state you get depends on how strong the forces of attraciton are between the particles of the material. How strong the forces are depends on three things:

  • The material
  • the temperature
  • the pressure


  • In solids, there are strong forces of attraction between particles, which holds them close together in fixed positions for form a very regular lattice arrangement.
  • The particles dont move from their positions, so all solids keep a definitie shape and volume, and dont flow like liquids.
  • The particles vibrate about their positions- the hotter the solid becomes, the more they vibrate (causing solids to expand slightly when heated)


  • In liquids, there is a weak force of attraction between the particles. They're randomly arranged and are free to move past each other, but they tend to stick closely together.
  • Liquids have a definite


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