Standards of Living and Industrialisation 1783-1832

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The Industrial Revolution created many changes to the standards of living of the British people. Here are a few of them:

Middle Class

  • The factory owners gained wealth in this time period and created a new social class because of this wealth. 
  • Because of this extra wealth, the middle classes felt that they deserved a greater say in what went on in politics. 
  • This created radical ideas such as civil rights for all. In the 1780s, only 3% of the British population had a vote- which created the problem of rotten boroughs 
  • Broadened the rich poor divide

Destruction of 'Cottage Industries'

  • 'Cottage Industries' were small businesses that were run from a farmers house. Often they were run by women to introduce some extra income to the household. The products made were nearly all textile based.
  • When industrialistaion came into being, these industries were destroyed as the factories could make the same products quicker, cheaper and with less chance of any mishaps. 
  • Factory workers were paid more than the cottage labourers and…


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