Standards for development

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All computer systems must be designed by someone.

They need to be used by their purpose users. 

They need to be kept the same.

It is maintained by a group of professionals who understand engineering standards and how they're applied. 

A key part of any computer system is the software which it runs on. 

Lots of the software is custom made and it can run to thousands/millions of lines of code.

It's common to have whole teams of people employed to write code. These people need to be organised and disciplined.

For this to be possible there needs to be software development standards. 

Software development standards have been changed over the years that offer.

·         A way of knowing what the computer system needs to do.

·         Ways of breaking up the system into chunks that are manageable 

·         Ways of keeping track of changes

·         Way of designating staff

·         Ways of finding errors

·         Ways of planning and doing tests.


Waterfall method

The waterfall method breaks down the project into lots of timed steps. Some can overlap each other. These include

·         Deciding requirements

·         Analysing

·         Designing

·         Implement

·         Test

·         Installation

·         Maintenance

Prototyping method

This development idea is to get an rough description of a sub-section from the customer.

After this system is coded, the user is allowed to try it out.

The customer evaluates the method and gives feedback and improvements, this allows the coders to improve the software.

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