STALIN's RUSSIA:Struggle for power 1924-29 essay layout.

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How significant were ideological disputes in accounting for Stalin's emergence as leader of Russia?

Why did Stalin emerge as leader of Russia?

How far do you agree that the mistakes of Stalin's opponents lead to his power?

INTRODUCTION- state what was the most important reason, eg. IDEOLOGICAL DISPUTES and why. 

State other factors that contributed to his emergence as leader, in this case, FOREIGN POLICY,STALIN"S PERSONALITY, HIS POSITION IN THE PARTY, HIS TACTICS.

1. IDEOLOGICAL REASONS- Opening sentence, briefly explaining the reason and why...  eg. 'Stalin used ideological disputes over the economy to seize power'

Left wing views- Trotsky. No NEP (thought as a compromise with capitalism), instead he wanted to 'impose dictatorship of industry'= this meant high taxes on peasants to fund rapid industrialisation

Right wing views- Bukharin and rest of right wing disagreed with Trotsky. Argued that the NEP was successful as it helped the economy grow and helped the peasants ( who made up the majority of the population) as they were allowed to make money on the free market. 

How did this help stalin seize power?

Stalin used the debates to win power at 1924 PARTY CONGRESS.

The Triumvirate (Stalin, Zinoviev,Kamenev) won vote to continue NEP + eliminated Trotsky from the race.

Therefore removed opponent.


Left wing views- Trotsky,Zinoview and Kamenev criticised socialism in one country., claimed it would be impossible to build it in one country as socialism required world revolution. 

Instead wanted PERMANENT REVOLUTION (but it wasn't popular as they appeared DEFEATIST and it was a…


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