Stalin's Dictatorship - Power Struggle

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Stalin's Dictatorship - Power Struggle

When Lenin died in January 1924 there was a power struggle for who would be his successor.

Stalin vs Trotsky


  • Leading government figure in last years
  • General Secretary of Communist Party
  • Loyal to Lenin
  • Controlled party and excellent organiser
  • Used position to appoint junior officials who supported him
  • They elected the Politburo - Stalin could control
  • Photos were altered to show Stalin as Lenin's right hand man
  • Wanted to build communism in USSR to a strong power
  • Organised Lenin's funeral - Trotsky not there (Stalin told him wrong date)
  • Stalin appeared more dedicated
  • Focused on communism stronger in USSR not spreading it


  • Commited member of the Bolshevik Party in 1917
  • Active in Europe and USA trying to organise support for communism
  • Chairman of Petrograd Soviet
  • Played leading part in the takeover of the city in Oct/Nov revolution
  • Lenin's right hand man
  • Organised Red Army and directing military operations
  • Carried out Bolshevik takeover of Petrograd
  • Was a brilliant leader and toured Russia to keep up morale
  • Clever
  • Supported Karl Marx's original aim of communism spreading

Communist rule in the late 1920s:

  • No preperations had been made for Lenin's successor
  • So the 9 members of the Politburo…


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Very good revision tool on the power struggle between Stalin and Trotsky, already summarised for you with key dates. This would be a good resource to check after you've revised this topic.