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To what extent was the USSR ready for war in 1941?

The most prepared for war - the great Soviet war plan

western allies

·         prepared for the invasion of Normandy for over two years

·         considered every possible aspect of the enormous preparations

·         trained huge forces

·         some purposely trained for specific roles

·         invented new purpose-designed weapons and other equipment,

·         even conducted smaller scale invasions in order to find out early enough where they were wrong and fix it before the big operation.


·         diplomatic preparations for a second World War were of greater magnitude

·         , in August 1939 Stalin could prevent Hitler's invasion of Poland, the invasion that started World War 2, and he knew it well and said so. But at that decisive point in history, instead of preventing war,

·         did the opposite- cleared the way and provided guarantees for Hitler to invade, after he knew for sure that this will start a war not just in Poland but also in Western Europe

·         a war that the Communist ideology expected, planned and prepared for, and desired.

·         with Germany at war with Britain and France=Russia moved to a maximum effort war regime in which it enormously expanded its military force and military production rates,

·         expanded its territory westwards, by force, which also gave it a long common border with Germany,

·         in 1941 began to mobilize millions and transferred its enormous attack-oriented forces to the German and Romanian borders

·         prepared to enter the European war in a gigantic attack that would:

1.                   Immediately cut Germany's main source of oil in Ploesti, in southern Romania, just about 120 miles from the Russian border, in order to paralyze Hitler's armed forces for lack of oil (as eventually happened in 1944).

2.                   Defeat the exhausted Germany and its allies across the entire front from the Finland in the North to the Black Sea in the South - a mirror image of the German attack that eventually started in June 22, 1941.

3.                   Continue with the Communist "liberation" of the entire Europe, by advancing all the way first to Germany, then to France, and Spain, bringing all of Europe under the brutal totalitarian regime which the Russian people already "enjoyed" then, that made Russia one big prison with countless prisons in it.

        Expansionist Ideology

  •  While Hitler's Nazi ideology publicly officially and repeatedly declared since the 1920s that its goal is nothing short of global domination by force, the Communist Soviet Union declared the goal of global conquest by force.

·       Althoughnatural enemies for centuries ,Communist Russia made an allegedly irrational secret deal with post-WWI Germany in 1922, even before Hitler's era, in which in return for secretly providing nothing more than training grounds and facilities for the German military to keep its shape and further develop advanced military technology-

  • Russia in return got direct access to the best and latest tactics and military technologies of


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