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Eastern Europe toiled to carry out Moscow/Stalin's orders. 

March 1953 - Stalin dies. For almost 3 decades he controlled the Soviet Union. 

Stalin died without naming a leader so a collective leadership emerged. Malenkov, Molotov, and Krushchev. 

New leadership in US too. Eisenhower administraion from 1953. The admin had critsized Truman for not been hard enough on communism. Dulles had been wanting liberation of eastern europe, but eisenhower wanted peaceful non nuclear liberation. 

East Germany - German democratic republic. Ulbricht was the ruler of east germany. Ran the country under Stalinist lines, even after his death. Heavy industry built up. Workers ordered to increase their output, everyday needs were neglected.

Heating/coal/electricity rationed. Domestic electricity unavailable. Like Stalin he crushed all oppositition. Censorship prevailed like in Moscow. 

Travel to the British/French/American sectors of Berlin still open to East Germans. 

New leaders in the Kremlin - Krushchev/Molotov/Malenkov ordered Ulbricht to soften his policies. Didn't reply, hated production quotas remained in place. Expected to work much faster. 

All too much for working people. Workers took to the streets of East Berlin. "Down with the work quota increases" On strike, marching through East Berlin. 

Tour down the symbol of Soviet Domination (Sicil and hammer). Tour apart every piece of Soviet related thing. Government authority collapsed. 

Ulbricht was inside the Soviet headquarters in Karlshorst. Noone made any decisions. 

Soviet tanks enforce it. The shooting broke up the demonstration. Quelled the revolt throughout East Germany

British/French/US only wanted access routes to Berlin. Not interested in what had happened. 

Few countries diplomatically recognised the German Democratic Republic. They decided to stick with Ulbricht. 

In 1953 Konrad Adenaur was elected chancellor of west germany. He wanted to join NATO as a defensive barrier against the Soviet Union to prevent an expansion of the SU into western Europe. Knew he could only achieve this if he had a west german army. 

West germany then joined NATO. In 1955 west germany was allowed to form an army. 

In response to this the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union formed their own military alliance called the Warsaw pact in 1955. Formally bound the Warsaw pact armies to the Soviet high command. Legitamise the presense of Soviet troops in Eastern bloc countries. Both east and west said they were for defensive purposes. 

Soviets wanted to reduce tensions in Europe. Molotov wanted an austrian peace treaty, with the…


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