**, Chapter 2- Part 1

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Part 1: The four guiding principles of Governance adopted by Singapore

·        ‘Leadership is key’

Honest and capable leaders are needed to make right decisions and maintain stability in the country.Good leadership and good governance do not occur by chance. Potential leaders are specially selected and groomed. Besides talent and ability, leaders are also selected based on their character. For example, the then Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, persuaded the late Ong Teng Cheong, then an architect, to give up his well-paid job for a political career. (Linking sentence) Honest and capable leaders are needed, as they must have the moral courage and integrity to do what is right and not what is popular among the people, so as to lead Singapore towards continuous prosperity. Leaders must also be incorruptible so as to win respect and confidence of people.

·      ‘Anticipate change and stay relevant’

Decisions made by government must be forward looking. NEWater is an example of how the government prepares for the future, by ensuring self-sufficiency in water supply. Presently, Singapore depends on Malaysia for its water supply. One of its water agreement ended in 2011, while the other will end in 2061. However, Singapore has found alternative water supplies in order to be self-sufficient by producing NEWater and desalinated water. (Linking sentence) This example shows the importance of having a forward looking government who can anticipate and meet the future needs of Singaporeans.

·      ‘Reward for work, work for reward’

Meritocracy is a key part of the principle ‘Reward for work, work for reward’. Meritocracy means a system that rewards people base on their…


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