Sports Studies The Skeleton

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The Skeleton and It's Functions 

The Skeleton has 4 Functions: 

  • Protection of soft parts such as brain and lungs
  • Blood Formation in the marrow of bones
  • Movement
  • Support- Gives you shape and holds organs in place 
  • (BUMPS)

There are 206 Bones in the body:

  • Long Bones - Femur
  • Short Bones - Phalanges
  • Flat Bones - Scapula
  • Irregular Bones - Vertebrae 

The Skeleton is divided into 2 main parts: 

  • Appendicular- Moving parts that are not connected to vertebrae, has large movement 
  • Axial- Vertebral Column and bones connected, little movement 


The Vertebrae

The Vertebral column is made up of 29 Vertebrae. These are all seperate bones except for the last 4 which are fused together, forming the coccyx. 

The joints between each pair of vertebrae: 

  • have little movement
  • can all move in any direction when working together

The two vertebrae at the top


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