Sporting injuries.

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A fracture is defined as 'a broken or cracked bone' it can be cause by impact eg a lifted ball in hockey, or a fall eg in rock climbing.

There are 5 different types of fracture.

  • Greenstick- partly broken, not all the wya across.
  • Comminuted- shattered bone, two or more pieces.
  • Oblique- broken all the way across at an angle.
  • transverse- a break straight across the bone.
  • Impacted- pieces locked into each other.

There are also 2 different locations of fractures...

  • open- when the bone is protruding out of the skin.
  • closed- no breaking of the skin. Internal.

Other Injuries.

Soft tissue injuries.

These are also known as muscle injuries and can be a pulled muscle, or strain.

the different between a sprain and strain...

1. A sprain is an injury…


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