Spies - Theme of War

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Spies - Theme of War

WW2 forms the backdrop to Spies. It provides the framework in which the action takes place but it has little impact on the day-to-day activity of Stephen and Keith. There are references to it which remind the reader that it is wartime but there is no trauma or worry associated with war.

References include:

  • It is very dark at night (blackout)
  • One area they play in is the ruins of a bombed house
  • Keith's father is in the Home Guard and attends weekly drill
  • Stefan recalls search lights and flares

War is a source of excitement and adventure

War is a source of excitement, potential heroism and adventure. Keith creates an image of his father as a great hero os the WW1, killing German soldiers at close range with a bayonet. 

Although they play in the ruins of Miss Durrant's bombed house, they do not really think about war and what it means. They don't see it as frightening. Stephen panics about lots of things but it never worries about being bombed by the Germans.

Stephen dislikes the Germans and associates them with germs but this is something that has been instilled in him by propaganda and he doesn't question it - it has been imposed upon him and he isn't held accountable for his hostility.

Stephen and Keith are excited about the prospect of uncovering Mrs Hayward as a German spy - it is…


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