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  • determine functions of left and right hemisphere
  • how that once corpus callosum os severed the hemispheres act independently


  • Case Study (11 patients)
  • Quasi Experiment with naturally occuring variables - comparrisons between split brain and clincally normal


  • 11 participants - all had previously suffered from epilepsy which hadn't responded to drugs so had comissurotomy 
  • 2 had surgery long time ago, 9 had surgery recently
  • OPPORTUNITY SAMPLE - Sperry knew the participants


  • Independent groups (split brain or no split brain)
  • Repeated measures (left and right hemisphere)


  • pp. had to focus on central point and an image was flashed on screen to one of the fields of vision for 1/10 of a second (other eye covered), the participants had to stay silent unless asked question (if vocalised both HS would know)
  • gap below screen so pp. could reach objects with hands but no see what they were doing
  • response recorded as right/wrong or time etc... 


  • ONE VISUAL TEST: picture shown to left visual field (RHS) e.g. a Key and the pp. insisted they hadn't seen anything but when the key was shown to the right visual field (LHS) the pp. was able to name/talk about the object. RHS IS APHASIC (no language)
  • DOLLAR/QUESTION MARK: $ (left visual field) and ? (right visual field) presented simultaneously for 1/10 of a second, asked to draw what they'd seen - they drew a dollar sign, but said they'd drawn a question mark. ONLY SOURCE OF LANGUAGE IS LHS, HEMISPHERES ACT INDEPENDENTLY
  • FINDING OBJECTS: present picture/object to…


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