Special educational needs

Special educational needs: 

Definitions and types: 

A significantly greater difficulty in learning in comparison to children of their own age.

Have a dsiability that prevents them from using educational facilities that are generally provided for children.

Giftedness: young children with one or more abilites significantly ahead of thei year group.

Dyslexia: A combination of difficuties with reading, writting and spelling. This ahs to be persistent. 

Autism: impairment of social interactions, communications and or imagination.

ADHD: Attention deficit and hyper activty. Often distracted and off task or over active and impulsive.

Causes of Autism:

Genetic: Suggested that their is a specific gene that we inherit from our parents tat predispose the development of Autsim. Rivitio looked at concordance rates between twins he found for MZ 96% and DZ 23%.

Cognitive: Baron and Cohen found that they lacked theory of mind. Meaning they are unable to understadn they beliefs and intensions of others. The salley ann test is good indicatior of Autism.

Effects of Autism 

Due to the social impairment they find it diffcult to create new frirendships. As they lack empathy they are often percieved as insentive, rude and unkind.As they do nto have the social skills to


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