Spanish Lesson 8


Subject Pronouns

There are six persons to a verb. They tell us who is doing the action. When we form verbs, they always follow the same order of person:

║ I              ║ YO      ║ WE           ║ NOSOTROS    ║
║ HE/SHE/IT      ║ ÉL/ELLA ║ THEY         ║ ELLOS/ELLAS ║

In Spanish, these exist, but are not usually used; only for emphasis or clarification. This means that the VERB ENDING is even more important as it can be the only thing that tells you who is doing the action.

Verb Endings

The verb endings are the most important part of the verb in Spanish as they indicate who is doing the action.

There are three types of verb in Spanish. Each one has a different set of endings.

║ Verbs that end in -AR ║ e.g. hablar (to speak) ║
║ Verbs that end in -ER ║ e.g. comer (to eat)    ║
║ Verbs that end in -IR ║ e.g.


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