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NEO's (stands for Near Earth Objects) consist of asteroids and comets which are at constant risk of colliding with the earth. However, they are always closely monitored from scientists using telescopes to track their trajectory path. Some of the things scientists carry out on a daily basis to prevent NEO's from being at risk to the human race are: 1) Surveying the skies for NEO's with telescopes. 2) Monitoring their progress. 3) Deflecting an explosion at them if they think that it is possible they will collide with the earth. The area which contains the most asteroids is between Mars and Jupiter, this is where the asteroid belt lies. Asteroids can combine together to form a planet but Jupiter's strong, gravitational pull prevents them from doing so. A comet is a ball of frozen dust and gas which has a tail which has been burnt out from the sun, so the tail always faces away from the sun. Their tales are just a trail of debris from space. They have…


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