Sonnet 43

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- Written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

- Born in County Durham.

- Sonnnet 43 was published in 1850.

- What the Poems about.

    -> Narrator expressing her intense love for her lover, counting all the different ways that she loves him.

    -> Loves him so deeply that she sees their love as spirutual and sacred.

    -> She believes that she will love him after death - "I shall but love thee better after death".

- Form.

    -> In the form of a Petrarchan sonnet. Means it conforms to a specific rhyme scheme.

    -> Written in iambic pentameter which is disrupted by pauses and repition making the reader sound passionate.

    -> Written in first person which gives it a personal feel.

- Structure.

    -> Made up of a series of different ways of defining…


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