Somerset - Rise to Power, FP and Interpretations


Rise to Power:

Step 1:

- Lord Admiral and Leuitenant 1544-45.

- Knighthood service in France 1523.

- Sister married HVIII 1536.

Step 2:

- Council system needs a leader, Somerset steps forward.

Step 3:

- Custody of HVIII's will, kept death secret for 4 days.

- Best way to preserve Royal Supremacy.

- Reformers hoped for religious reform.

Step 4:

- New Kings Uncle.

- Chancellor says it's for 'the better conduct of business'.

- Becomes Lord Protector.

- Undisputed ruler fo the country.

Step 5:

- Appoint/Dismiss Privy Council.

Foreign Policy:

- In 1549 Somerset didn't want to lose the Scottish border lands but hard to deal with peasant uprsings.

- It was difficult to maintain Scottish campaign because Somerset was reluctant to leave London in case French attacked, and it was also…


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