Solomon Asch - Opinions and Social pressure AIMS AND CONTEXT

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Asch - opinions and social pressure
Aims and context

Everyone around us effects everything that we do from a very young age, and this continues throughout our entire lives. Parents correct their childrens grammar errors, and members of a tribe of cannibals accept what they do as the 'norm'. We also tend to look to others in situations where we are unsure on what to do. The effects of others on our own selves raises a lot of concern, and this is what Asch wanted to investigate. 

At the end of the 19th century, many psychologists including Asch were interested in hypnosis. Many people thought that hypnosis was nothing more than an extreme form of suggestibility. They thought that if you repeated instructions enough times then sooner or later a normal person in their walking state would start showing involuntary body movements such as swaying, or would experience feeling a different temperature. 

Also, during


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