soil erosion and globalisation brief

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basically a few notes for ISSUES IN OUR FAST CHANGING WORLD ocr spec A 2012.

(btw that paper was mainly info from the resource booklet and focussed on sustainability and climate change...any help jus ask me! Oh and make sure u wont run out of time since its quite lengthy)

·         Soil erosion - UK soil is very flat, such as East Anglia. When the soil is left bare after ploughing, the wind can pick up speed due to the flat land and blow away the unprotected soil.

·         Loss of biodiversity (a diverse range of wildlife) in rivers

·          Drains can become blocked with eroded soil causing localised flooding.

·         Phosphates (chemicals from fertilisers) in the soil can cause excessive algal growth in rivers

·         half the world’s population live in cities, and most of the population growth in the future is expected to take place in cities. 

·         by 2015, the world’s six largest cities will each have more than 20 million inhabitants.

·         Ecotourism sets out guidelines for how tourists should behave when visiting fragile environments.

·         Alternative resources might be developed in order to ease the strain on finite resources. expensive and take time to develop.

·         Sustainable living encompasses a broad range of aims including the use of renewable resources, energy efficiency, use of public transport, accessible resources and services.

·         Whitehill Bordon is an example of an Ecotown in the UK, given government funding for sustainable measures and Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is an example of a sustainably planned city.

There are natural changes in our climate. These are caused by:

·         variations in


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