Sociology Studies

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G671 Studies

Talcott Parsons (1950s) Supported the biological determist argument in suggesting males and females were socialised into gender roles which reflect ‘natural’ characteristics.

 Stanley and Wise 2002 argue that gender is socially constructed masculine and feminine behaviour are connected to the way we are brought up and influenced by agents of socialisation.[1]

 Max Weber educational achievement, occupation, lifestyle & leisure, health, welfare and age of death; called these ‘life chances’, ways in which your life will be successful.

 Pierre Bourdieu 1984: Marxist classes have their own cultural values, tastes and preferences- class culture/ class identities. Socialised from an early age of parents. We identify with the same class as us and become aware of class differences. We become ‘class conscious’ identified 3 types of capital; social, economic and cultural.

 Lockwood proletarian traditionalism; manual labour, socialise with each-other therefore having a strong class loyalty, believe in ‘them & us’.

 Lash and Urry contract/temporary work= low paid, core= good salaries, good working conditions.

 Savage identifies


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