Sociology of the family: roles and responsibilities: parent and children

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hugh cunningham (1976)

cunningham (1976) believed three principles form the basis of contemporary parenting.  the three principles include, children should be separated from the adult world, the happiness of children is paramount. another principle is that children can be corrupted through exposure to adult life and they neeed to be protected from it.

chris jenks (2005): postmodern childhood

chris jenks (2005) feels the principles highlighted by cunningham have led to child-cntred parenting. jenks suggests this type of parenting results in the needs of children within families taking priority over the needs of adults. jenks also emphasises that the nurturing of children is seen as more important than the well-being of adults. jenks calls this, the development of postmodern childhood. jenks informs us that postmodern societies identities have been destablised so that people no longer have a secure, ground…


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