Sociology G672 - Family Diversity

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7 ways families are diverse
- Sexuality, quality of life, size, formation of the family, relationship, roles and structure.
- Reconstituted families, single parent families, same sex families, extended families, beanpole families and cohabiting.
- (Rapoport and Rapoport 1982) 5 types of family diversity; organisational, cultural, social class, stage in life cycle and cohort.
- (Eversley and Bonnerjea 1982) Describe some geriatic wards as they have disproportionate number of retired couples and widowers.

New Right
- Dislike single parent families and same sex families.
- Believe traditional is best; nuclear family.
- Social policies undermined the family.
- (Charlies Murray) Single parent families result in children that are more likely to be involved in crime and poor education.

- (Stacey) Family diversity is a reflection of a postmodern society.
- Family no longer progress through expected stages.
- No dominant family type in society or that people aspire too.
- Families no longer follow strict social expectations.

- Family diversity points to the fact that women now have more choice in family life.
- They are moving from traditional, patriarchal family.

Burghes and Brown
- Motherhood is a mixture of hard work joy.
- Most preferred to be stay at home mothers but intended to resume education or get a job.
- Marriage was a long term goal.

Cultural diversity
- (Berthound and Beishon) Found that British African-Carribean poeple had the highest divorce rate compared to other ethnic groups.
- British South Asian people are more likely to marry at an earlier age than other ethnic groups.
- (Singh 2003) Changes are being made in the value system of the Sikh community. The strong values placed on mutual help are being replaced by individualism.
- (Bose 2003) The Bangledeshi community is subject to the dual forces of maintaining traditional Bangladeshi values. An example is the hijab, the practice of covering the body and wearing a veil.
- (Allan and Crow 2001) Chinese families are willing…




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