Sociology- Education Topic PERSPECTIVES

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Karl Marx (1818- 1883)

Power stemmed from wealth.

Mainainance of Capitalism

Powerful ruling class

Exploitation of subject class

Myth of Meritocracy


Bowles and Gintis (1976)

Education produces capitalist relations of productions with the appropriate skills and attitudes

What goes on in school correspondes with what goes on in the work place

Success is not related to intelligence

Most successful =white middle class

EDUCATION AND IDEOLOGY LOUIS ALTHUSSER (1972) "No class can hold power for long simply by the use of force" The education system has replaced the church.

Reproduces workers schooled to accept their place in capitalist society

CULTURAL CAPITAL- BOURDIEU (1984). Intellect, speech (usually middle class)


Socialisation- education helps to socialise society into key cultural values such as achievement, competition and equality of opportunity.

Emile Durkheim- concerned that education should emphasise moral responsibilities

SKILLS PROVISION- education provides skills required by a modern insudstrial…


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