Sociology Core - Statistics

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7/10 people who are educated in public or private schools end up with the top jobs.

7% of the population are privately educated.

The Dark Side of the Family

1/4 cases of violence are domestic violence

1/4 women and 1/7 men have experienced physical violence from their partner

12% of under 11's                                                                                                                           18% of 11-17's                                                                                                                                24% of 18 -24's                                                                                                                              have experienced domestic abuse in their home during childhood.

- Home Office

33% of teenage girls (aged 13-17) have experience sexual abuse

2011-2012 1.2 million women suffered from domestic violence



1 in 3 marriages end in divorce

70% of divorce petitions are filed by women

Divorce has tripled since the 70's


Lone Parents

Nearly tripled since the 70's

12% of the population are born into lone parent families


Reconstituated Families

Of all family types reconstituted famililes are…


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