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  • Bloch sees religion as having a dual character. He argues that as a Marxist, he often accepts that religion inhibits social change, but he emphasizes that it can also inspire protest and rebellion. For Bloch, religion is an expression of 'the principle of hope'- dreams of a better life that contain images of utopia--> decieves people--> also used to help people see what needs to be changed in the world 
  • Liberation Theoology: the movement that started with the catholic church in the 1960s 
  • the factors that led to this were 

- Deepening rural poverty + growth of urban slums throughout Latin America                                      -Human rights abuses following military take-overs such as torture                                                   -Growing committment among Catholic priests to an ideology that supported the poor and opposed violations of human rights 

  • Priests helped the poor fight oppression under the protection of


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