sociology crime and deviance topic two

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  • it isnt usually the event of the crimainal that if the main feature of importance it is the impact on socail view that is the main problem as such the way in which scotiety reactsaand labels a crime that is the main aim is the lable that defines the act 
  • a deviant act is one which has been labeled as deviant
  • the ones who make the rules are the enturpenures who lead moral crusades and try to change the laws which will benfit those which it applies to 
  • there are however two problems with this and these are socail control enforc and impose belifs and rules and the second problem being the creation of a new group called the ousiders who break the new laws 
  • an example of this would be platt which argues that juvineile was created by a bunch of upper class enterpenures who wanted to keep the young teens safe so created a juvinaile which is diffferent to an offender whgich means the state can extend theif powers beyond criminal offence as such truancey of sexual promiscuity 
  • secondly nthe social control as such the us federal bureal creating a campaing passing matijuana tax act to extent the buralspowere and show how tough they really are. aim of groups are to redefine unaacceptitable behaviour 

who gets labled 

  • there are many factor which efect whether one gets arrested of not
  • these are intersaction between the police court and social control
  • apperance,background and bio
  • situation and circumstance.
  • agencies are more likely to label specific groups as deviant
  • as such for example piliavin and brair argued that the police are more likely to judge one bases on their manner and dress code as well as situation, place and time that the crime was commited. people who are out in specific areas that are labeld as deviant areas hava a higher chance of being stopped by the police 

ciciorel_ the negotiation of justice 

  • what ciriorel found was that typificartion occurs between officers as they pick out the typical deliquent


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