Sociology Basics Section A B671 (not finished fully yet)

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(Incomplete)- use this as a guide for what you need to know for each research method 

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Research Methods: 


These can be self completion or interview questionnaires. Both have advantages and disadvantages. 

Questionnaires are sued for finding out information for a large number of respondants and to analyse trends in society

Closed questions - are questions that have only a fixed choice and the respondant answers from that - it provides quantitative data which helps identify trends and patterns.  BUT these restrict the respondant from expanding on their answers

Open questions - these are questions which allow the respondant to ellaborate further and so gives the researcher in depth qualitative data. This is…




Hope this helps 

As stated in the document this is incomplete but hopefully once i have revised it all myself i can quickly put it up for you completed. But you can use it as a guide for what you need to know and how you should lay it out. Please do not hesitate to message me for more help or if your confused on anything.... :)

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